Lead Roofing


Lead roofing is a highly specialised craft that requires in depth knowledge particularly in regards to installation and thermal movement.
Lead roofing is mainly used on heritage listed buildings, and more commonly used on sandstone parapets and cornices. Lead is commonly used with slate roofing, most notably on the hips/ridge of the roofing as well as any vents/gablets that penetrate the slate roof.

Lead Roofing Methods

We use the following lead roofing methods/systems on our roofing projects:

  • Bossing of lead to wood core roll
  • Welded seams
  • Roof plumbing – box gutters and valleys
  • Lead weatherings to cornices and parapets
  • Lead burning

We have access to large volumes of finished milled/rolled lead; the most common weights are 25kg/m2 and 30kg/m2 in various widths.
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