Outside a storm rages – gusting winds, rumbling thunder, relentless rain. It’s dark and dreary in Sydney – and in your home. Countless little leaks have sprung in your lounge, with water pouring in. It splashes the furnishings; it puddles on the floor; and it forces you to gather every pot, pan, and tray you can just to contain the flood. It’s going to be a very long evening.

Eventually, however, the sun will return – and Trinity Slate Roofing will appear with it, connecting you to the best slate roofing in Sydney, slate roofing in Inner West, and slate roofing in Newtown. We’ll keep the elements tucked safely away from your home (and your lounge).

Trinity Slate Roofing: About Us

Since 2008, Trinity Slate Roofing has served as the premier Sydney slate roofing provider. Our dedicated team – all fully licensed and insured – promises quality results for every project, delivering a slate specialisation. They emphasise careful constructions and painstaking care, and their deep understanding of material restoration makes them ideal for heritage sites.

Searching for slate roofing in Inner West Sydney, Newtown, and beyond? Let our team provide you with the service you deserve. Contact us today to begin the shingle process!

The Value of Slate Roofing in Sydney

Terracotta tiles and wooden beams, tin panels and sticky asphalt panels: there are countless construction options. None, however, deliver the same value for Sydney as slate roofing. This material boasts:


Joseph Jenkins, a contributor to Traditional Roofing, noted that slate roofing in Inner West, Newton, and beyond offers extreme longevity – with properly installed materials lasting up to 150 years. This durability spares homeowners the constant frustration (and expense) of re-tiling.

Fire Resistance

A study from FEMA touts slate roofing in Newtown as fire resistant. Its unique structure allows it to survive sudden sparks or flames (unlike traditional materials that quickly burn).


The Australian Bureau of Statistics noted that construction materials generate 24% of total landfill waste. These materials then wreak long-term havoc on the environment, degrading slowly over time and exposing soil to endless plastics, chemicals, and more. Slate roofing in Inner West Sydney and beyond helps to counter this issue. Its sustainable nature translates to fewer tiles, and fewer tiles translate to less waste.

Slate roofing in Sydney promises exceptional style and exceptional value, fusing each home with longevity, fire resistance, and sustainability.

Our Sydney Slate Roofing Services

Slate roofing in Newtown and beyond provides undeniable rewards – but only if properly installed. This is why Trinity slate Roofing promises sterling results for every project, offering our customers:

  • Slate Specialisation.
  • Centre Fixed Systems.
  • Mitred Hips and Valleys Construction.
  • Ridge and Capping Details.
  • Premium Materials (including Glendyne slate from Canada and Penrhyn slate from Wales).
  • … and much more!

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As the leading providers of slate roofing in Inner West, Sydney, and Newton, Trinity Slate Roofing offers our customers superior materials and equally superior service. Contact us today to learn more!