It’s been a series of careful restorations – every detail repaired, every room revitalised. Your home has been painstakingly transformed, with its heritage status maintained to the highest standard. There remains only one project to finish: the roof. This will, you think, provide your greatest challenge. After all, who delivers old-world knowledge with new-world speed?

Trinity Slate Roofing does! Our dedicated team understands heritage construction, connecting you to the installations you need. Contact us for slate roofing in Leichhardt, slate roofing in Haberfield, slate roofing in Annandale, and beyond!

Trinity Slate Roofing: About Us

Since 2008, Trinity Slate Roofing has served as a premier heritage service. Our fully-insured team – with members boasting more than 20 years of collective experience with slate roofing in Balmain, slate roofing in Burwood, and beyond – has completed multiple restoration projects, including churches, universities, government buildings, and more. They emphasise precision and promise superior installations.

Looking for slate roofing in Leichhardt, slate roofing in Haberfield, and more? Let us provide you with the service, support, and quality you deserve. Schedule a consultation today!

Our Slate Roofing Services in Annandale, Balmain, and Beyond

It’s all too common to find slate roofing in Burwood, with heritage homes boasting dramatic lines and exceptional colouring. As new families arrive at these homes, however, they may find the shingles fading and the rooflines sagging. Restoration is required.

As the leading provider of slate roofing in Balmain and beyond, Trinity Slate Roofing connects each homeowner to the results they need. Our team delivers:

  • New Builds.
  • Extensions and Installations.
  • Replacements.
  • Repairs.

We utilise a standard centre fixing system (along with diminishing courses and mitred hips and valleys) to preserve every detail. This allows us to adapt to all project demands with ease, fusing each heritage site with exceptional materials – including Glendyne slate from Canada and Penrhyn slate from Wales.

Our Slate Roofing in Leichhardt: Detailings

Installing slate roofing in Annandale, Haberfield, and beyond requires far more than fixed systems. It instead requires an attention to detail. This is why our team offers:

  • Hip Ridge Detailing.
  • Terracotta Ridge Cappings.
  • Lead Roll-Top Ridges.
  • Copper Roll-Top Ridges.
  • … and more.

We restore – and enhance – all slate roofing in Balmain with the greatest of care.

Want to see Slate Roofing in Haberfield? Check out our Portfolio!

Trinity Slate Roofing brings a sense of tradition to every heritage project, embracing the methods of the past to preserve homes for the future. To see some of our recent installations, visit our Portfolio Page. There find images, house descriptions, and more to better understand our methods and our dedication to history.

Searching for Slate Roofing Services in Burwood and Beyond? Contact Trinity Slate Roofing Today!

A heritage home demands a heritage speciality – and Trinity Slate Roofing provides that, offering each client dedicated repairs, restorations, and installations. To learn more – and schedule a no-obligation quote – contact us today via Email on