Looking for Heritage Specialisation? Trinity Roofing Provides Slate Roofing to Annandale, Balmain, Burwood, Haberfield, and Leichhardt.

It’s been a series of careful restorations – every detail repaired, every room revitalised. Your home has been painstakingly transformed, with its heritage status maintained to the highest standard. There remains only …read more .

Searching for Slate Roofing in Inner West, Sydney, or Newtown? Contact Trinity Roofing for Superior Shingle Options.

Outside a storm rages – gusting winds, rumbling thunder, relentless rain. It’s dark and dreary in Sydney – and in your home. Countless little leaks have sprung in your lounge, with water pouring in. It splashes the furnishings; it puddles on the floor; and it …read more .

When it Comes to Heritage Roofing in Five Dock, Habberfield, Strathfield, and Inner West Sydney, Only Trust the Best

Heritage sites in Australia give locals and tourists alike a glimpse into this great country’s past. They stand today just as they did all those years ago, from the roof to the floorboards, and it’s important that they stay that way. To keep these heritage sites as …read more .

Heritage Slate Roofing in Sydney, Heritage Slate Roofing in Inner West, Heritage Slate Roofing in Inner West Sydney, and Sydney Heritage Slate Roofing

Heritage roofing applies to any traditional roofing material that is hundreds of years old. Companies who specialise in heritage roofing know the history of their materials, and so understand better where and how to use each material and the nuances of …read more .

Your One Stop Shop for Slate Roof Repairs in Inner West Sydney

Slate is a fantastic material to use for roofing. It gives off a unique, classic vibe that can’t be matched by any other roofing material, and it is often used on the roofs of many heritage sites all throughout the country. If you own or manage one of these historical sites, or if you’ve opted to have a slate roof …read more .

Your Home for The Installation, Replacement and Repair of Slate Roof Tiles in Inner West Sydney is Trinity Roofing

With thirty years of combined experience, Trinity Roofing has become a staple in Inner West Sydney when it comes to slate roof tiles. We have worked on a wide variety of heritage sites as well as other projects that required slate roofing, and we manage a very …read more .

Slate Roofing in Hunters Hill, Drummoyne, Five Dock, Strathfield, and Ashfield

Are you in need of a new roof? A new roof can update the look of your property while also providing you with safety and shelter from all of Australia’s harsh elements. Slate is an especially great option for your roof, as it is both good-looking and durable, providing you …read more .